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  • Whit Friday 2024 - "An amazing night!"
  •  Date Posted: Wed, 19 Jun 2024
    Whit Friday 2024 - "An amazing night!"
    The band enjoyed another fantastic evening at the Whit Marches this year, racing round no fewer than 10 venues to perform "Wallace and Gromit" as our march and "Star Lake" as our test piece. A number of players joined us for the first time at this event and the enthusiasm and excitement was captured in many of the comments received at the end of evening:

    "What a great night it was!"
    "Loved it"
    "There's nothing quite like it as an experience"
    "An amazing night"
    "A fantastic event making amazing memories playing together"

    As ever we were brilliantly looked after by our driver from Golden Green, and have received some really helpful and encouraging feedback from adjudicators.

    Check out the fun in our photo gallery here.
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